Main Features
FA solvent based Flexo Ink
Specially designed to suit the packaging films.

This is high grade Flexo-Graphic ink which is
Developed with sufficient consideration to ink flow
And ink stability.
Therefore ink transfer, reproducibility from printing
Plate are excellent, it has greatly exceeded printing
Efficiency as like to made possible to print
Exceedingly fine photos, and related to image up of
Printed matter for packaging job.

Print Performance
Excellent printability for process printing.
Excellent machine stability for high press speed.
High gloss and concentration.
Good heat resistance and rub resistance.

Printing Substrate
Treated polyethylene. (PE) Treated polypropylene. (PP)


Printing Substrate Applications
TREATED PE (LDPE) >Shopping Bag, Diaper Bag
>TREATED PE (HDPE) >Shopping Bag
>TREATED PP (CPP) >Bread Packages
>TREATED PP (OPP) >Snack Packages


LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene CPP: Cast Polypropylene
HDPE: High Density Polyethylene OPP: oriented Polypropylene


Drying EtOH IPA EtAc PM
FA No.1 Solvent Fast 80 90 20
FA No. 2 Solvent Standard 90 10 10
FA No. 3 Solvent Slow 60 40
FA Retarder Very Slow


EtOH : Ethyl Alcohol * The composition of solvents for dilution may
IPA : Iso-Propyl Alcohol little change by printing condition. To use it
EtAC : Ethyl Acetate carefully that due to slow drying FA Retarder
PM : Propylene Glycol Mono has blocking risky.
Methyl ether