Main Features

NEOTON is water based Flexo ink
Specially designed to suit the
Corrugated paper

Neoton is possible to practice
Stabilized exceeding printing,
It is little foaming which is common
Problem on water base, and it has
Excellent also Ink stability
Besides Rub resistance, Water resistance
Are excellent also, and color off from substrates
Are conspicuously little.

Printed Performance 

* Excellent printability and machine stability
* Good rub resistance
* Good water resistance
Printing Substrate
corrugated paper


Printing Substrates Applications
Corrugated Paper Corrugated Cartons
Paper Paper Bag


Printing Viscosity
Printing Viscosity may be optimized depending on press speed.
General recommendations for NEOTON system IS

Press Speed Viscosity z.c. #3
30 – 50 m/min. 30 – 20 sec.
50 – 100 m/min. 20 – 15 sec.
100 – 150 m/min. 15 – 10 sec.


Storage and Precautions
Keep in cool and dry place.
Keep container closed when not use